$6 billion property tax increase dead for now

Members of the Senate Republican Caucus have been warning the public about Senate Bill 5770, which would have imposed the largest property tax increase in state history, allowing local jurisdictions to triple the property tax growth rate without a vote of the people.

Sen. Judy Warnick offered this statement on the news from the bill’s prime sponsor that it won’t be coming up for a vote this year.

“This is good news for hard-working families in our state. At a time when communities across Washington are suffering from an affordability crisis, allowing local jurisdictions to unilaterally triple the growth of property taxes is plain wrong. People cannot afford it.

“As elected officials, we must be judicious with the public’s money and make tough spending decisions. Taxpayers aren’t an endless source of revenue. Local governments may feel like they need additional resources beyond the voter-approved 1% cap, but this is the wrong approach.

“This bill not coming up for a vote is a win for taxpayers and the democratic process.”

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