Initiatives to the Legislature

No updates to this page will occur after March 7 until after the election in November.

Fed up with destructive and burdensome policies pushed by the Democratic majority, citizens from around the state collected more than 2.3 million signatures to submit 6 initiatives to the Legislature. All six received more than 400,000 signatures each and were certified by the Washington State Secretary of State in January and February of 2024.

After significant public pressure, the majority announced they would grant hearings on 3 of the initiatives. In the final days of the session, the Legislature passed I-2081, which supports parental rights in education, I-2111, which bans an income tax in Washington State, and I-2113, which restores law enforcement’s ability to pursue suspected criminals.

The 3 remaining initiatives will go before voters in the November election. You can find out more about the remaining initiatives by clicking on the linked images below.