Update from Olympia

Swearing inGreetings Friends and Neighbors,

The first week of the 2019 legislative session has been a whirlwind. This past Monday, I was sworn-in for another 4-year term. It is an honor to continue to serve you in the state Senate. On Tuesday, the governor outlined his priorities for the legislative session. I happen to believe that some of those are misguided, particularly efforts to implement and raise new taxes to pay for more government spending.

There are programs and policies that the state should address, such as a robust reform to our state’s ailing mental health system. However, fixing problems in Olympia shouldn’t always require more taxes from you. As of now, every budget the governor has proposed has included significant tax increases. I do not believe that we need to seek more revenues. The reality is that the state’s projected budget is going to be $50 billion – a historic amount. We should assess what the state should be doing, then figure out how much we may need to invest, rather than come up with a wish list and then raise taxes to pay for it.

Before the legislative session began, I sent out a newsletter with a survey asking for your input. Click here to view the results. I will be working hard to ensure our district is heard, and will be a voice for restraint when it comes to spending your tax dollars.

What I’ll be Working On

This session I will be serving on the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Parks Committee, the Housing Stability and Affordability Committee, and the Senate’s budget committee, known as the Ways and Means Committee.

MLK2A Legacy of Hope

Yesterday the legislature honored the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with a resolution that recounted his many contributions to our nation in the fight for equality. Through his writings and many speeches we are reminded that there is much more that unites us as Americans than divides us. Dr. King’s legacy of hope continues to strengthen the character of our nation and the promise of equality enshrined in our Constitution.

13 LDYour 13th District Team

As you may have heard, we finally have our new state Representative, completing the 13th District delegation. I’m pleased that Alex Ybarra from Quincy has been appointed to this position, as he will be a strong addition to our team.

I met Alex a few years ago at an education tour, and was so impressed by his passion for serving the community and insights into issues facing rural communities. He’s no stranger to Olympia, having worked on a number of task forces and commissions, and is getting right to work with me and Rep. Tom Dent to ensure our district’s voice is heard. You can click here to read a recent editorial with more information about who Alex is.

I’d also like to introduce you to my new staff this year. When you call my office, my legislative aide, Cynthia Banuelos, will likely be the one helping. She worked in my office last year for the session, but recently joined me full-time. This year my session aide is Samantha Ward and my intern is Caleb Carlson.

Work with me in Olympia

During the legislative session, young people ages 14-17 can work with me as a Page. It’s a week-long program where students get a behind-the-scenes experience of state government. Click here for more information and how to apply.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office with any concerns or ideas you may have about your state government.


Judy Warnick,

Your 13th District State Senator