Warnick garners additional Senate duties, outlines legislative priorities

The 2017 legislative session began last week with Sen. Judy Warnick, R-Moses Lake, continuing to lead the Senate committee that addresses agricultural, water and economic-development issues. She also has been promoted to the position of vice chair of the Senate’s majority caucus.

Before legislators returned to the Capitol for their scheduled 105-day session, Warnick’s Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus merged the committee she headed the past two years, which covered agriculture, water and rural economic development, with the committee that dealt with trade and economic development. The larger panel that resulted, dubbed by some as the “supercommittee,” is now known as the Senate Agriculture, Water, Trade and Economic Development Committee.


In addition, Warnick will act as a negotiator for the state’s capital budget.

“Communities around our state have benefited from wise investments through the capital budget,” Warnick said. “I spent years working on the capital budget in the House of Representatives, and look forward to continuing this valuable work.”

As the MCC vice chair, Warnick will help preside at internal meetings and coordinate committee activities as liaison between leadership and committee chairs.

“I am also excited to work with my Senate colleagues in this new leadership role,” Warnick added. “I am a consensus builder and hope I can lend my skills to move the conversation on policies we are considering.”

“This session there is a lot of focus on education – it is our state’s paramount duty,” said Warnick. “I am committed to making sure our state provides a quality education to all students. There are also other priorities that I hope to address such as the recent state Supreme Court ruling – the Hirst decision – that will impact rural home building and access to water. I will also be looking at local land-use planning as it relates to marijuana-growing operations and the work I did over the interim on the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Children and Families.”