Warnick urges easing COVID restrictions for physical activities

As the science related to COVID-19 and understanding of the virus continue to progress, state Sen. Judy Warnick is urging changes to restrictions that were put on fitness centers and youth sports in mid-November.

In a letter to the governor’s office, Warnick and Senate Republican colleagues point to the detrimental impacts of the limits that were recently put back on the numerous small businesses operating in the fitness industry and the adverse health implications for youth and Washingtonians in general. Industry associations had previously urged that they be allowed to continue operation as new spikes in COVID cases that precipitated the most recent round of restrictions are not coming from health clubs or youth sports.

“I believe we can keep our communities safe from the risks posed by COVID while encouraging healthy and active lifestyles,” Warnick said. “I think we need to be nimble and focused on what data is telling us. Closing down activities that are good for people’s physical and emotional wellbeing doesn’t align with the facts.”

According to state health statistics, less than 1 percent of confirmed cases have originated in the fitness sector.

“The nature of these activities makes it more compelling that they remain operational during this time,” Warnick added. “Our businesses and communities are constantly adapting and have the best interests of their patrons at heart. They are acting to stem the spread of the virus while contributing to a healthy population.”

The text of the full letter is here.