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Welcome to my website! It’s an honor to represent the 13th District from Easton and Cle Elum over to Moses Lake and Davenport.

The economy is at the top of everyone’s minds right now. It’s important that our state government focus on the creation of jobs in the private sector and encouraging businesses to stay or move to Washington. We need to ease regulations on employers and provide a continuing labor force for important industries.

I have and will continue to advocate for better prioritization of capital projects and the amount of bonds that the state takes out to fund these projects. Creating jobs and maintaining vital infrastructure should be the focus of the construction budget.

Agriculture and water resources remain at the top of my agenda. I’ll continue proposing ways to help our farmers who contribute in such a large way to our state’s economy. We’ve also got some large water issues in our state, and I’ll make sure they’re not ignored. In addition, we need to reduce over regulation, overly restrictive growth management laws, and excessive taxation, especially for small businesses.

I hope this Web site will help to inform you of these and other issues affecting our district. Please use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page to call, write or send me an e-mail. I value your advice and feedback, and want to help address your concerns regarding state issues.

Thank you for the honor of representing your interests and ideas in Olympia.

Judy Warnick, State Senator
13th District
(R – Moses Lake)

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Warnick legislation signed; will increase protections for state’s cattle industry Warnick legislation signed; will increase protections for state’s cattle industry
The governor signed Sen. Judy Warnick’s legislation Friday that requires air-quality rules to treat cattle feedlots the same as other agricultural operations. Senate Bill 5196 extends the exemption to feedlots while establishing a process and guidelines for addressing activities that may be detrimental to the environment. “Other agricultural activities are...
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Governor signs Warnick agritourism legislation Governor signs Warnick agritourism legislation
Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation sponsored by Sen. Judy Warnick to limit liability for agricultural businesses that open their operations to the public for agritourism activities. Senate Bill 5808 received near-unanimous approval in the Legislature. “The new law gives needed clarity to our ag-producers when they open their operations...
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In first vote of the special session, Senate approves Hirst-fix legislation again
In first vote of the special session, Senate approves Hirst-fix legislation again
Vote gives Democrat-controlled House second chance to help rural families without water  While work on education-funding reform and a new state operating budget continues during the Legislature’s special session, the Senate today took up and passed Senate Bill 5239, known as the Hirst fix, to bring needed access to water...
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My interview on KSVR in Mount Vernon discussing My interview on KSVR in Mount Vernon discussing
I discussed the ongoing issues regarding a fix for rural landowners who are unable to get access to water from wells due to a recent Supreme Court decision.
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