Sen. Warnick’s E-newsletter – April 7, 2015


April 7, 2015

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

On Friday the House of Representatives released their budget proposal. Unsurprisingly it increases state spending beyond our current resources and increases taxes by over $1 billion in this budget cycle alone and almost $2.5 billion in the next budget cycle. The Senate is firm in our commitment to fully fund education in our state without raising taxes. We have $ 3 billion dollars in more revenue to use. By prioritizing our spending we can make the necessary investments to keep our state and community moving forward.

I want to thank everyone back home for the opportunities to meet with you and discuss the important issues facing our district. Whether at the recent Lincoln Day dinners, after church, or in the grocery store, it is so important to connect with constituents.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your state Senator.



Judy Warnick

13th District State Senator


City of Sprague receives funding from state Dept. of Ecology

Recently the city of Sprague was awarded funding for a general sewer plan project. The funds are part of a program that grants low interest loans to cities as part of the Water Pollution Control fund.

The city will use these funds to identify needed improvements and deficiencies in the existing sewer system for future planning.



Celebrating Washington State families’ out door heritage

Mt. Stuart

I want to congratulate the Kittitas Field and Stream Club for their work this year to recognize the wonderful heritage of Washington’s outdoors. I sponsored a resolution that is Celebrating Washington State families’ outdoor heritage. You can read the resolution here.

This resolution recognizes the vast natural resources and beauty that enrich families’ lives across the state. I encourage you to get outdoors and see all that our great state has to offer.


Inside the Legislature

We are in the final weeks of the 2015 legislative session. This week much of our work is focusing on the budget. On Friday the House of Representatives released their budget that increases state spending by 15 percent, $5 billion and raises taxes by $1.5 billion. That is not sustainable.

In stark contrast, the Senate unveiled our budget proposal Tuesday that make significant investments in education, cuts tuition by 25 percent, protects the vulnerable without raising taxes. You can read more about our budget here. I am committed to using tax-payer resources wisely. With $3 billion more in revenue coming to the state we must prioritize state spending and live within our means.

This week we also had the last meeting of the Agriculture, Water and Rural Economic Development Committee before cut-off. We worked on voting bills out of committee and discussed planning for after the legislative session.


Video Update

video update

Please take a moment to watch my latest video update. I discuss the 2015 legislative thus far, the recent House budget proposal and legislation still making its way through the process.Click on the picture to watch.

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Sponsored Legislation

I have several pieces of legislation that are still making their way through the legislative process.

Main Street Tax Credit – Senate Bill 5313 would expand this popular program that encourages business and government to collaborate to invest in the community. This is a creative approach to rural economic development and meets a need to increase support for small towns throughout the district and state.

Another critical bill for our district is the Community Economic Revitalization Bill that I sponsored. I worked on this legislation last year but unfortunately the governor vetoed the legislation.

I have been working with stakeholders to ensure that we have a bill that will become law. It is vital to make sure the economic recovery comes to every corner of our state.

This legislation makes rural communities more competitive in applying for grants by changing some of the application requirements. Specifically this allows for 25 percent of the private sector jobs created to be exempt from the median wage requirements.


Representing our District

Recently, the Senate Majority has requested my appointment to two important committees for our district. If approved I will serve on the Community Economic Revitalization Board and the Joint Legislative Committee on Water Supply During Drought, a committee that I served on while in the House of Representatives.


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