Warnick supports Senate’s no new tax budget, looks for improvements

The Senate Majority Coalition’s budget proposal was approved Monday afternoon after vigorous debate b20150213_123810abefore the weekend where lawmakers worked around the clock. The budget makes education the top priority and delivers tax relief and college affordability to families across Washington without raising taxes.

“This budget proposal prioritizes education spending after years of putting money toward other programs. With $3 billion in more projected revenue we do not need to ask tax-payers to send Olympia more money. This budget funds the real priorities of government and I’m glad that we can do so without raising taxes,” said Warnick

The Senate proposal puts job creation and families first compared to the House majority’s plan, which would raise state spending by 15 percent and require a $1.5 billion in tax increases.

“Our proposal puts educating our children first and ensures that we can continue to grow our economy. I do have some concerns about how our budget may impact county and local governments but I will be working to see what we can do to ensure that the final budget protects vital funds for our communities,” Warnick said.

Warnick notes that overall the Senate budget is good for 13th Legislative District by not increasing taxes and focusing on growing jobs in the community.

Budget negotiators will now begin reconciling proposals from the House and Senate no later than Sunday, April 26 for the Legislature to conclude its 105-day session on schedule.