Sen. Warnick’s E-newsletter – March 23, 2015


March 23, 2015=============

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

We are expecting a budget proposal from the House of Representatives today. In the Senate we are focused on building a sustainable and balanced budget.We have $3 billion more revenue coming to the state and should prioritize our state’s spending. We need to invest in basic education, remove barriers for small business and make sure the economic recovery that Seattle enjoys happens throughout our state. I am working across the aisle to find solutions that make a difference for our community.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your state Senator.



Judy Warnick

13th District State Senator


You’re invited to participate in tonight’s telephone town hall

Your 13th district legislators are holding an hour-long telephone town hall on tonight, March 23, at 6 p.m. The program is similar to a call-in radio show in which people may call and ask questions over the telephone and participate in surveys.

To participate you can call (509) 895-5003 during the event. If you have questions during the call, you can press the star (*) key on your keypad and you will have an opportunity to connect with us directly.

For more information about the telephone town hall, you can contact me at (360) 786-7624, Rep. Manweller at (360) 786-7808, or Rep. Dent at (360) 786-7932. Youcan also send us email at, or


Committee on Drought

Warnick Committee

I was recently appointed to the Joint Legislative Committee on Drought and I am looking forward to working collaboratively with members of the committee to find solutions. Last Friday the Governor declared a drought and I spoke with the Department of Ecology about the declaration and am glad that the governor is prioritizing this issue.

The Governors announcement indicated that the state Department of Ecology has requested $9 million to address drought relief via emergency water-right permits, transfers and changes to current water rights.

Prior to the drought declaration, the committee I chair, Agriculture, Water and Rural Economic Development, had scheduled a work session March 24 to discuss drought issues.

Water access and conservation is something that affects our entire state.  These conditions place pressure on our food supply, our families and communities. We need to find creative and collaborative solutions to make sure we can continue to provide water in critical areas. I will be bringing up these issues in my committee and fighting for relief when the drought committee meets.


Community Economic

Revitalization Board

In my first meeting as a Senator on CERB, the City of Connell has been awarded a planning grant of $50,000 for the Connell rail Interchange.

I have been very vocal about the need for improved rural economic development. I sponsored legislation this year that will make projects in our community more competitive by making needed changes to requirements with job creation.We have areas in our district that have very high median wages. Currently, CERB grants requireme that 100 percent of the jobs created from those projects must be private sector jobs above the median wage. We need a better approach and I am hopeful that my bill will be signed into law to allow greater flexibility and increase all types of jobs.


Contact Me


Olympia Office:

103 Irv Newhouse Bldg.

P.O. Box 40410

Olympia, WA 98504

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Sponsored Legislation

I have many pieces of legislation that are still making their way through the legislative process.

Main Street Tax Credit – Senate Bill 5313 would expand this popular program that encourages business and government to collaborate to invest in the community. This is a creative approach to rural economic development and meets a need to increase support for small towns throughout the district and state.


Representing our District

Recently, the Senate Majority has requested my appointment to two important committees for our district. If approved I will serve on the Community Economic Revitalization Board and the Joint Legislative Committee on Water Supply During Drought, a committee that I served on while in the House of Representatives.


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